Right brain, meet left brain. We are a uniquely balanced agency that excels at both the creative and technological side of things. Whether you need help with design and branding, or programming and development, we’d love to help you out.

We are located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, so if you’re nearby, we’d love to set up a time to meet. We work with clients from all over the country, so go ahead and give us a call regardless of where you’re located.


If you’re a designer or developer, you know how much your environment can affect you. At Agency Fusion we’ve spent the last 10 years crafting an environment where web designers and web developers can do their thing.

Here are 6 elements critical to our success in creating an ideal environment for our team:

Our office has that ever-so-desirable combination of brick, old timber beams, and exposed duct work that has come to define the “warehouse” feel so many creatives love. On top of that, we’re always rocking excellent music on our Sonos hi-fi (or in our headphones). We consistently hear job applicants say, “This is a sweet office. I’d love to work here.”

Open Space
When we relocated to the Salt Lake Hardware building, we opted to preserve the open feel of the space. The complex problems we solve for our clients require that we’re highly collaborative and our open-air space not only expands our minds (legally) but makes it painless to team up.

Creativity can’t be forced, but it can definitely be killed. When the geniuses on our team are at work, the last thing we want is to lose the creative flow because of hunger. We keep the office fully stocked with snacks and drinks (both the healthy and the unhealthy varieties) so that the brilliance can keep blossoming.

We recruit carefully so that we can empower our employees to make decisions without being micromanaged. Feeling trusted and supported gives our designers and developers the ability to explore the deep recesses of their creativity instead of feeling like there job is to merely execute tasks dictated to them by the higher ups.

We hire contributors. And we have this revolutionary idea that we should let our contributors…contribute. So, we listen to them. In fact, our CEO holds weekly one-on-ones with each person in the company to get input on how our work environment can be improved.

Read just about any employee survey and you’ll see stats confirming that salary isn’t always the best motivator. Each week we internally highlight one or two projects and call out the achievements of the team working on them. When a person works alongside other experts, that peer recognition is an invaluable source of support and satisfaction that can’t be provided in any other way.

If you’re an ad agency or creative shop, we’re hopeful our approach might spark some ideas for your situation. If you’re a designer or developer looking for a place where you’ll feel some separation anxiety when you leave work each night, hit us up. We’d love to talk.


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